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Things you should know…

I began seriously researching my family ancestry in February of 2005.

I am not a professional genealogist, just someone who is interested in gathering whatever information she can about her famly. I think that knowing where your people came from, their culture, background, struggles, and just their history, in general, is essential.

I love the feeling I get when I learn something new about my family. It makes me feel like I am part of some bigger picture. I also love the fact that such a diverse group of people had to come together to create this one individual. Me!

Some of the surnames that I have at least touched upon include:

Petry, Harris, Douresseau, Baltrip, Prejean, Hendricks, Reaux, Briggs, Wofford, and Legnon/Loignon


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I guess I should make use of this thing, eh?

I’ve had this page since I started blogging for the Enterprise, but I hadn’t planned on using it since I’m a noob at this blogging stuff. Instead of letting it sit here blank though, I think I’m going to start posting about my genealogical findings. Hell, I’m probably going to post random musings of mine, as well. Anyway, here I go…*takes a deep breath*

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