Twins run in the family…

…too bad I wasn’t informed until an ultrasound confirmed I was carrying more than one baby a year and some odd months ago…

I mean, I knew that I had some twin cousins; I just didn’t know that that meant I had a high chance of conceiving twins, myself.

Apparently, the women on my daddy’s side of the family are so fertile that sometimes they release more than one egg a month…

My Auntie (my daddy’s sister) has a set of fraternal twin boys (living), but I believe she has been pregnant with twins at least two or three times. (I might have to ask her just to be sure, though.) And I remember my Na na telling me something about her twin aunt and uncle…or were they her cousins?

Guess, I have some phone calls to make…


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    Kenneth said,

    Yes! Twins do run in the family a lot…. Papa Zeme (Onezime Scott) his father (Sostan Scott), the ” white Scott”. Papa Zeme sisters were: Mary Scott, Mallet La. Eary Scott Durousseau (your line) Eunice La, and Ella Scott, not sure of location.

    Onezime Scott had two brothers: Lemanuel and Henry Scott. Henery’s line had lot’s of grandchildren. He was known to have several sets of twins and triplets from a daughter (no name was given) she gave birth to 21 children and had no single births. Thats wild!!!

    • 2

      Billie said,

      Ken. it might sound wild, but it’s true. The daughter’s name was Doris. She was my grandmother’s sister (Selena). I spoke wth one of the twins, Carrie Scott a few years ago at my dad’s funeral in Houston, Carrie’s twin is a boy, Kerry and she says her mother had both, boy & girl twins and girl twins as well as asset of triples. We are a huge family of Scotts.

  2. 4

    just a girl said,

    I edited your comment due to privacy concerns. I wrote your number down though. Thanks.

    And that IS crazy..

    multiples are both a blessing and a curse…more kids to love and a bazillion diapers to change right along with them! LOL!

  3. 5

    Anna said,

    my mom has a brother… who has a girl twin, and I’m an identical twin!

  4. 6

    Cedrick Bates said,

    Hello, I’m a descendant of Sostan Scott. I live in Houston, Texas. He’s my great, great, great grandfather. Is anyone still active from this post?

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