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Taking a little break…

I’m sorry I haven’t updated in a while, but I’ve had¬†quite a bit going on.

Don’t worry though, I’ll get back to blogging soon.¬†


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Well just for the heck of it, clicking here will redirect you to a random post in my blog…

Enjoy yourself!

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Take THAT!

Get ’em LDS! Get ’em!!!

Can you tell I’m excited? =D

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Genealogy Blog Finder

Here’s a search engine that specifically looks for genealogy blogs…

And here are a few blogs I came across while browsing the internet.

They are different in many ways, but they all deal with genealogy in some shape, form, or fashion…

Empty Nest



The Genealogue


Apple’s Tree (lots of links to other blogs and genealogy websites)

Genealogy and How (keeps track of what’s new in genealogy)

The G Files


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Help me name my blog!

I’m looking for something unique that also relates well to what my blog is about (scan through it to get an idea of what I ramble about on here).

Can anyone help me out? I am all out of ideas.

Thanks to anyone who bothers! =)

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I guess I should make use of this thing, eh?

I’ve had this page since I started blogging for the Enterprise, but I hadn’t planned on using it since I’m a noob at this blogging stuff. Instead of letting it sit here blank though, I think I’m going to start posting about my genealogical findings. Hell, I’m probably going to post random musings of mine, as well. Anyway, here I go…*takes a deep breath*

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