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Petry Family Reunion followup

Okay, so I’m really frustrated with myself for having so much going on at the same time and taking such a long break from blogging because it also caused me to miss out on the family reunion this past July, that I was SO looking forward to attending!

But anyway, what I would like to know is if any one of you reading this were able to attend the Petry Family Reunion in Houston this year could you please do me the favor of passing on any info that was distributed on that weekend??? Any t-shirts…programs…WHATEVER you have!!! I would REALLY appreciate it!!! =P (please excuse the begging LOL)

Thanks in advance!!!


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Petry Family Reunion 2007

It’s official!

The Petry family reunion will take place in Houston this year =)

(from the website)

Petry Family Reunion Website

Greetings Family Members,The Petry Family of Houston is pleased to announce the plans for our fifth Family Reunion. We are looking forward to greeting each of you in Houston. This is the first time Houston is hosting the Family Reunion. The theme for this year is “Our Roots, Our Family”. We have planned a great weekend of fellowship with activities we hope you will enjoy. You will have an opportunity to be a part of Petry Family history by participating in creating the first Petry Family Reunion Recipe Book. We also need copies of pictures and family history to include in a souvenir booklet. We would like to encourage you to register early. If you register by March 31, 2007, you will be eligible for a mystery drawing on Saturday, July 28, 2007.

Registration fee for each adult family member is $30.00; fee for children ages 7-17 is $10.00; and children 6 and under are free. Persons registering the day of the reunion will be assessed an additional $5.00 per person and asked to pay with cash. Please complete the registration form and return with payment by April 30, 2007. Register by March 31, 2007 to be eligible for a mystery drawing. You may refer any questions to Deborah Herbert Manning at (281) 499-3442, Nona Joe Provo at (713) 688-7604, Joseph Collins at (713) 686-8270 or Paul Christy at (713) 433-7315. You may also view information on Information regarding local Sunday Services will be provided at registration. We are looking forward to greeting all of you in July of 2007! | Registration Form

The Petry Family Reunion Committee – Houston


Friday, July 27:

  • Lodging Arrangements – ($69.00 per night)
  • Holiday Inn Astrodome @ Reliant Park 8111 Kirby Dr, Houston, Tx 77054 (713) 790-1900
  • Rooms reserved under Petry Family Reunion – deadline for reservations July 20, 2007
  • Registration will be held from 6pm – 9pm Holiday Inn Astrodome @ Reliant Park
  • Refreshments will be provided from 6pm – 8pm
  • Scavenger Hunt Game begins upon your arrival (details on registration form)
  • Games – Cards, Dominos
  • List of local activities in the Houston Area will be posted

Saturday, July 28:

  • “A Day In Texas With An Evening of Events” – 1pm – 10pm Judson Robinson Jr. Community Center – 2020 Hermann Drive Houston 77004 (Location is near the Museums and Zoo)
  • Family Picnic Activities – 1pm – 5pm – Dinner served 2pm – 4pm
    1. Children’s Activities – Playground, Games
    2. Family Talent Show (Please signup on the registration form)
    3. Games – Cards, Dominos, Checkers, Basketball, Scavenger Hunt
    4. Golf – Hermann Park Golf Course – fees not included with registration
  • Evening Activities/Dance – 7pm -10pm

Family Tree

George Petry (Baden-Baden Wirstenburg [sic], Germany) and Selena Ellinor Worfford [sic] (Franklin, Louisiana)

  • Mary E Petry (1828)
  • George W Petry (Feb 7, 1835)
  • Louis Henry Petry (March 7, 1839) [sic]
  • Elina Rosebelle Petry (Feb 20, 1841)

Louis Henry Petry (3-7-1830 [sic] / Julia Briggs (7-4-1847)

  1. John Adam (Uncle Bud) 1869
  2. Elizabeth (Aunt Lizzie) 1871
  3. Mary Ella 1873
  4. Erastus (Uncle Rastus) 1874
  5. Alexander 1876
  6. Louisia 1877
  7. Louiza 1879
  8. Joseph U. 1881
  9. Benjamin (Uncle Benny) 1883
  10. Louis Henry, Jr. (Uncle June) 1885
  11. Selena (Aunt Seleny) 1887

***I just have one question though…So do family members that don’t live in the Houston area have to pay the registration fee AND hotel lodging? I don’t have to worry about that though (because I live in the area) so I’m really just curious…***

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