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Elijah Douresseau and Hazel Pete

This is a picture of my paternal great grandparents on their wedding day (this is actually one of my favorite family photos).

They looked so cute together, don’t you think! =P


(click on the photos to enlarge them)

And this is a much later picture of the happy couple…


(The first picture makes them look light-skinned for some odd reason though)


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Sometimes families with weird names do funny things…

…like change-up the spelling of them.

The progenitor of my Douresseau line (a white man from France) spelled his name DuRousseau.

I noticed the spelling begins to vary not long after the (white) DuRousseaus intermarry or procreate with colored people. This is just a personal observation though…

On another note, my Na na has a cousin and a brother (I believe) who spell their name the lazy way lol. Duriso. Then there are others who add or subtract letters (such as in “Dourisseau” or “Douresseaux”). I have gotten into the habit of automatically assuming that anyone with this surname, (no matter what the spelling) with family from Texas or Louisiana, is kin to me. This also applies to people last named Petry or Hendricks.

I wonder what the actual or real stories are behind my family’s many last name variations, anyway?

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